Twitter is a perfect network for staying informed about the latest news and trends in your industry. Recently, VIENNA Advantage conducted a research about the most helpful logistics Twitter Accounts and we thought, why not share this info with you.

Here are the top 14 logistics Twitter accounts to add to your existing followership or lists. These accounts share valuable information from the logistics industry, therefore following them will keep you informed about the latest news and industry trends. The accounts are listed by size of following.

#1 Wall Street Journal Logistics Report

92 thousand followers

Follow this account to get detailed, daily coverage on every major logistics issue, in form of news, reports, analysis and more. Tweets cover every topic related to supply chain and logistics.

#2 Logistics News

36.2 thousand followers

If you are searching for independent source for anything related to transport, shipping, trucking or logistics, this is the account that you should follow. Tweets are updated daily with news from around the globe! It’s an excellent resource for companies that work across borders, or those that would like to.

#3 Inbound Logistics

34.6 thousand followers

Inbound Logistics is an educational supply chain resource for businesses seeking to better match demand to supply and orient operations to support that shift. It has more of a community feel compared to the other Twitter accounts in this list. Follow this account to get access to ‘how to’ links and news articles.

#4 Logistics Management

30.9 thousand followers

Logistics Management is a great source for executives and managers in the field of supply chain and logistics. This Twitter account shares white papers, ‘how to’ articles, hiring and management guides, and a series of annual awards for the industry.

#5 Logistics Manager

28.2 thousand followers

This is the Twitter account of UK’s leading logistics magazine: ‘Logistics Manager’. Although it focus mainly on the UK market, it’s a good news source for the UK and EU truck and train transport, since UK is part of the European Union.

#6 World Food Program Logistics

17.7 thousand followers

An arm of the UN, the World Food Program gets food to the neediest communities in the world. They usually share interesting stories about how logistics can be used in emergency situations. The content they share is more entertaining and inspiring but also educational.

#7 Logistics Viewpoints

12.8 thousand followers

Follow this account if you want to receive well-curated logistics news. Their tweets usually provide good insight into the changes in the industry, driven by a desire to solve shippers’ problems.

#8 Global Logistics Media

12 thousand followers

Global Logistics Media is an online media company that writes about current industry news in the supply chain and logistics industry. You can find articles from different topics such as: warehousing, SCM, trucking, shipping as well as management and marketing. A broad, but useful selection of logistics-related content.

#9 Shipping Herald

7.5 thousand followers

As stated in their Twitter bio, Shipping Herald likes to be seen as ‘The Maritime News Portal’. This is a great source for news on shipping with ships. Here you can find a container shipping reporting and rates, as well as discussions about the industry in general. Follow this account to get an international view on the world of shipping.

#10 SHD Logistics

7.8 thousand followers

This is the Twitter account of UK-based SHD Logistics, a news outlet covering various logistics topics. From warehousing and intralogistics through delivery and supply chain you’ve got great content covered here in an up-to-date fashion. They also share news about material handling equipment, IT and property.

#11 Robbie Whelan

7.3 thousand followers

Robbie Whelan is one of the major contributors to the WSJ’s Logistics and Supply Chain Report. On his Twitter account you’ll find a lot of the logistics and SCM articles he has written, with the usual mix of music and viral videos thrown in.

#12 Loretta Chao

6.4 thousand followers

Loretta Chao is another WSJ author active on Twitter. She usually shares updates on breaking news in the logistics industry, as well as white papers, and government moves.

#13 ICS Shipping

5.4 thousand followers

This is the Twitter account of the global trade association for ship owners, representing over 80% of the world merchant fleet with international bodies that impact on shipping. here you will find lots of news about conferences, regulations, and industry trends.

#14 Brian Baskin

1.8 thousand followers

Brian Baskin is the editor of the WSJ Logistics Report. Compared to the other Twitter accounts, this one has the lowest number of followers, but Baskin tracks the logistics industry like almost no other. In his tweets you’ll find plenty of updates about trends, government actions, and corporate intrigue.

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If you think that we’ve missed any big logistics Twitter accounts, please drop a line in the comments and let us know who you’re following for logistics news.

Top 14 Logistics Twitter Accounts to Follow
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